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VAC has a long, rich and diverse history, working with and for LGBTI communities and people living with or affected by HIV. This is reflected in the principles that govern and underpin the way we work.

Meaningful Participation of our Communities

We want all people who are a part of the communities we work in to feel that they are part of what we do. We encourage and cultivate the meaningful participation of these communities.

Social Justice

We are an organisation founded in the communities we work for, on the principles of social justice. We support people to thrive, express themselves, and to develop skills and capacity.

Honesty and Fairness

We treat our clients, members, volunteers, staff and the organisations with whom we work with honesty, fairness and respect.

Working to the Highest Standards

Our work is evidence-based, drawing on current knowledge, with a thorough understanding of the epidemiological and social context of HIV in Australia, and the needs of our communities.

VAC is accredited under the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) Program.

Working Collaboratively

Our commitment to consumer and community participation as well as our framework to ensure its practical application is articulated through our Consumer and Community Participation Policy (PDF 204 KB).

We deliver accessible and responsive programs in collaboration with others in our communities.

Our Purpose
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  • To reduce HIV transmissions in Victoria by promoting the health of gay men and of people living with HIV
  • To work in partnership to improve health outcomes for the sexually and gender diverse community

Our Vision
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  • A future without HIV
  • A world where all sexually and gender diverse people live with dignity, equal rights, and participate fully in our society

Our Mission
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VAC leads the fight against HIV/AIDS in Victoria by providing care and support for people living with HIV, health promotion, and advocacy.

We advocate, with partner organisations, to improve health outcomes for sexually and gender diverse communities.

At VAC we:

  • Deliver HIV prevention, education and health promotion to gay men
  • Provide services, support and advocacy for all people living with HIV
  • Respond to emerging needs and developments in HIV prevention and care
  • Support and promote the health and wellbeing of sexually and gender diverse communities
  • Promote access to our services for these communities

Our Goals
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  • Decrease rates and impact of HIV
  • Be recognised as a visible and trusted leader for our communities
  • Lead through innovative and high-quality programs and services
  • Be a strong, unified organisation
  • Be a well-governed, financially secure, and sustainably-resourced organisation

Our strategic objectives
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Within the life of this plan VAC will:

Work to Decrease Rates and Impact of HIV

  • By embracing innovative evidence-based HIV prevention approaches and technologies to respond effectively to changes in the epidemic
  • By strengthening our policy capacity to capitalise on developments in prevention and care

Provide Trusted Leadership

  • By working inclusively with sexually and gender diverse communities, particularly on the improvement of health outcomes, providing capacity development, and using our policy capacity to argue for reforms to laws and policies which undermine good health

Lead Through Excellent and Innovative Programs and Services

  • By addressing a broad range of health issues that affect wellbeing in sexually and gender diverse communities and making the most of our expertise in services and programs delivered by volunteers and staff.

Be a Unified and Strengthened Organisation

  • VAC will strive to solve the problems associated with having two separate organisations through a process of consultation over the life of this plan.

Ensure Financial Sustainability

  • By sharing our expertise and resources to support the capacities of other community organisations
  • By keeping abreast of proposed changes in health reform and collaborating with partners to take advantage of new funding opportunities

Ensure Professional Expertise

  • By maximising the skills and abilities of a committed and competent workforce and of our volunteers, to deliver     services and programs based on need, research and sound evidence

The VAC Constitution and GMHC Constitution are key governance documents that outline our purpose and guide how the association operates. These documents can be downloaded or viewed via the links below. 

Consumer and Community Participation Policy


Victorian AIDS Council Constitution (Updated Nov 2016)


Gay Men's Health Centre Constitution (Updated Nov 2016)



VAC relies upon your continued support