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Along with safe sex resources, we have a variety of paper resources and booklets on a variety of subjects - Coming Out, Etiquette in Sex on Premises Venues, HIV and other STIs, just to name a few. Please contact us on 9865 6700 if you would like more information. All of our paper based resources and booklets are free of charge and can be posted out to any address you choose.

As part of our mandate to provide safe-sex education and resources, we sell safe-sex products at discounted prices.

Where to buy

The products below can be purchased at any of our three sites. See our contact page for locations and opening hours.


Do not mix latex-free and latex condoms. Latex-free condoms have an oil-based lubricant that can cause latex condoms to break.



‘Glyde’ and ‘Sax’ brands. Available in diameters: 49mm (narrower), 53mm (standard), 56mm (wider)

  • 20 pack - $3.00
  • 100 bulk pack - $15.00

For those who have an allergic reaction to latex. Also suitable for use with silicone lube.

Natural Sensation Unique (latex-free)

  • 3 pack - $5.00

'Glyde'  Orgy pack in mixed sizes: 7 x 49mm (narrower), 6 x 53mm (standard), 7 x 56mm (wider)

  • 20 pack - $3.00



Latex gloves

  • 10 pack - $6.00
  • 100 bulk pack - $48.00
  • 100 bulk pack - $11.00 (available in small, medium, large)




New: Wetstuff Silicon

Please note: Silicon lube is only to be used with non-latex condoms. Silicon lube can cause latex condoms to break.

  • Carbon neutral ‘naturally’ bottles - $4
  • Bottles 50g - $4
  • Bottles 125g - $8

Innuendo Anal Conditioning Gel

Please note: this is not a lubricant. It is a gel that allows for easier penetration.

  • 10ml pump - $45.00

Wetstuff Gold

  • 100g lube-in-a-tube - $2.00
  • 270g pump-pack - $6.00

Glyde Original

  • 500ml pump-pack - $7.00
  • 1 litre - flip-top - $11.00
  • 5 litre screw-top ‘The Keg’  - $20.00

Wetstuff Original

  • 100g lube-in-a-tube - $2.00
  • 270g pump-pack - $6.00
  • 550g pump-pack - $8.00

Wetstuff Plus

  • 100g lube-in-a-tube - $2.00
  • 270g flip-top - $6.00


More information

To find out more about the use and application of condoms and other safe sex products see
Please note, the content on this website is sexually explicit.