Community support

Community Support Program

Community Support originated as a rapid response to the urgent needs of people living with HIV. Building on more than 30 years of staff and volunteer support in this area, VAC is able to assist people living with HIV at home and in the community. In recent years there has been increasing demand for practical support from those ageing with HIV and those with multiple health issues.



Local volunteer teams around Melbourne and in regional areas provide social support and practical help to people living with HIV. Support includes help with shopping, home visits for a chat, or going out for coffee or a lunch.


Regular attendance at medical appointments is important for people living with HIV. Volunteer transport to medical appointments is available for people who do not have other transport options.


Regular, healthy eating helps people stay well. Tuckerbag Meals is a joint project of Community Support and the Royal District Nursing Service to improve access to nutritious food for people living with HIV, particularly for more isolated clients. It provides short-term deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables, free-range eggs, recipes and ingredients to cook your own meals, and basic cooking equipment.


Volunteers from Community Support’s Pets Away project provide short-term care for pets when a client is in hospital or having respite away from home.


HIV-positive Community Support staff and volunteers provide one-on-one support and information for people living with HIV who would like to talk to someone who understands their situation. Anyone living with HIV may benefit from peer support, particularly those recently diagnosed.

For more information call (03) 9863 0426 or email


Community Support provides a range of services to enable clients to maintain their independence and to live in their own homes for longer than would otherwise be possible. VAC’s Home Care team has trained staff who can assist with services such as house cleaning, shopping and cooking. This service is designed for people with higher needs that cannot be met by council services alone.

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