Media releases

2016 Media releases are provided below for download

2 December 2016: VAC / NTAHC (Joint Release) Casey Conway heads groundbreaking new campaign tackling rising STI rates across the Northern Territory

21 November 2016: Community activists honoured as VAC Award winners announced at Victorian AIDS Council AGM

25 October 2016: The “rise of chemsex” among gay men has been sensationalised in media and the community

20 September 2016: VAC warns about the effects of a marriage equality plebiscite on LGBTI health and wellbeing

19 August 2016: VAC responds to PBAC decision not to recommend PrEP for PBS listing

23 June 2016: (Joint Release) Parties go head to head for Rainbow Votes in final weeks commitments

16 June 2016: VAC calls for major parties to adopt quotas for LGBTI candidates in winnable seats

15 June 2016: VAC / Victorian PrEP Accord partners (Joint Release) The Victorian PrEP Accord launches the Double Happiness Campaign with Health Minister Jill Hennessy

7 June 2016: How are gay men in Melbourne having sex in 2016?

23 May 2016: VAC / HRLC / GLHV / VGLRL (Joint Release) Today the Victorian Government delivers an apology that rights historical wrongs

19 May 2016: VAC / ACON (Joint Release) Victoria’s Gender and Sexuality Commissioner calls for more funding for lesbian, bisexual and queer women’s health

16 May 2016: VAC marks IDAHOBIT with a focus on trans and gender diverse communities, LGBTI people in rural and regional Victoria

12 May 2016: VAC / ACON (Joint Release) Leading HIV organisations welcome new federal funding for national HIV/STI education

12 May 2016: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) Victoria’s Gender and Sexuality Commissioner, Rowena Allen, headlines the 33rd annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

6 May 2016: VAC welcomes the TGA approval of PrEP

5 May 2016: VAC welcomes Victorian Government funding for regional and rural Victorians to access the LBQ Women’s Health Conference

20 April 2016: VAC welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement of $15 million towards a Pride Centre for the state’s LGBTI communities

12 April 2016: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) VAC and Living Positive Victoria launch groundbreaking campaign to encourage early treatment for HIV

6 April 2016: VAC welcomes Chad Hughes as President

8 March 2016: VAC / VGLRL / Rainbow Families Council (Joint Release) Victoria's LGBTI community calls on the Federal Government to support Safe Schools

29 February 2016: VAC / Bendigo Community Health Services (Joint Release) VAC and Bendigo Community Health Services to deliver BBV/STI prevention to the Loddon Mallee region

24 February 2016: VAC welcomes Victorian Government funding for LGBTI-specific intimate partner and family violence services

15 February 2016: VAC / Harm Reduction Victoria (Joint Release) VAC and Harm Reduction Victoria call for trial of pill testing in Victoria in light of Four Corners report

11 February 2016: VAC launches GP services, advisory group to support Victoria’s trans and gender diverse communities

4 February 2016: VAC launches PrEP Clinic, full STI testing at PRONTO!

30 January 2016: VAC welcomes Victorian Government’s expansion of access to PrEP with new study

14 January 2016: Full line-up of panellists announced for VAC’s 2016 Midsumma Hypothetical

12 January 2016: Melbourne Gay Community Periodic Survey back for 2016 at Midsumma Carnival


7 December 2015: Community organisations, researchers and activists in Victoria sign historic accord on PrEP

1 December 2015: (Joint Release) HIV community welcomes new PrEP guidelines and Fast-Track Cities initiative

27 November 2015: VAC responds to anonymous PrEP allegations

24 November 2015: VAC / AFAO / Australian Drug Foundation (Joint Release) VAC, AFAO and the Australian Drug Foundation launch TouchBase, a national resource on alcohol and drugs for LGBTI communities

17 November 2015: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) VAC and Living Positive Victoria call for sensitive, accurate reporting following news of Charlie Sheen's expected HIV disclosure

16 November 2015: VAC Award winners announced at AGM, including the inaugural Greig Friday Leadership Award

12 October 2015: Northside Bizarre street fair draws crowds and raises funds for JOY 94.9 and DWF

18 September 2015: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) PrEP Posters in Melbourne CBD Show the Approval Process Can't Keep Up with Community Demand

8 September 2015: Plebiscite on Human Rights

27 August 2015: Sale of Peter Knight Centre

10 August 2015: Drama Downunder Retrospective

24 July 2015: COAG agreement on GST raises concerns around PrEP access

21 July 2015: VAC supports International AIDS Society Conference call for global access to PrEP

23 June 2015: VAC Annual Report Wins at Australasian Reporting Awards

18 June 2015: Out of the Blue Aims to Tackle Stigma Associated with Men's Mental Health Issues

15 May 2015: VAC Outreach Recognised with 2015 Minister for Health Volunteer Award

7 May 2015: SHine SA and VAC to Deliver HIV Prevention Program in South Australia

5 May 2015: Victorian Budget to Further Fund PRONTO!

1 May 2015: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (joint release): International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2015

21 April 2015: Positive Speakers Come Out in Support of PrEP (PDF 120KB)

14 April 2015: Victorian Government Announcement to Repeal 19A (PDF 470KB)

30 March 2015: Drummond Street and VAC to Offer Adoption Service If Others Fail (PDF 129 KB)

25 March 2015: Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Tragedy Claims Life of VAC Volunteer (PDF 126 KB)

16 March 2015: VAC Supports Dolce Gabbana Boycott (PDF 120 KB)

5 March 2015: VAC Welcomes Government's Ice Action Plan (PDF 133KB)

2 March 2015: VAC Launches Petition for PrEP on (PDF 118KB)

26 February 2015: Lesbian, Bisexual, & Queer Women's Conference 2015 (PDF 129KB)

26 February 2015: VAC & Rainbow Families Council to Co-Host ChillOut 2015 Community Forum (PDF 127 KB)

25 February 2015: PRONTO! at ChillOut Festival's 2015 Carnival Day (PDF 123KB)

6 February 2015: Wayne & Kevin Raise Awareness of Syphilis (PDF 119KB)

22 January 2015: VAC's Midsumma Hypothetical To Become Annual Event (PDF 127 KB)

9 January 2015: Melbourne Gay Community Periodic Survey 2015 (PDF 120KB)

7 January 2015: VAC Brings Back the Hypothetical at Midsumma Festival 2015 (PDF 140 KB)


17 December 2014: Mr Australasia Bear Lends a Hand to Promote PRONTO! (PDF 120 KB)

18 November 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) The Response to HIV/AIDS in Victoria: What Is Each Party Committed to? (PDF 482 KB)

18 November 2014: VAC Welcomes Back Buck Angel (PDF 126 KB)

5 November 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) HIV/AIDS: What Your Government Can Do - Sustaining HIV Prevention (PDF 510 KB)

22 October 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) Election Community Forum Event (PDF 484 KB)

21 October 2014: VAC Congratulates GLOBE Award Winners (PDF 151 KB)

21 October 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) HIV/AIDS: What Your Government Can Do - PEP (PDF 355 KB)

16 October 2014: VAC Funded in Victorian Government Announcement to Reduce the Harm of Ice (PDF 121 KB)

13 October 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) HIV/AIDS: What Your Government Can Do - HIV and Criminalisation (PDF 355 KB)

7 October 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) HIV/AIDS: What Your Government Can Do - Access to Testing & PrEP (PDF 479 KB)

29 September 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) HIV/AIDS: What Your Government Can Do - Ending HIV Stigma (PDF 370 KB)

26 September 2014: VAC Launches AOD Services (PDF 151 KB)

18 September 2014: Community Forum Series: Sex Now! (PDF 152 KB)

18 September 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) HIV/AIDS: What Your Government Can Do - Access to Treatment (PDF 490 KB)

17 September 2014: Northside Bizarre Fundraising Success for DWF & JOY94.9 (PDF 144 KB)

24 July 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) Action Agenda to Remove Discriminatory HIV Laws in Victoria and Advance Legacy of AIDS 2014 (PDF 182 KB)

22 July 2014: Working Together, Stronger Together - Mobilisation March (PDF 227 KB)

21 July 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) Coalition of Organisations Raise Concerns Regarding Section 19A Amendment (PDF 416 KB)

20 July 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release) VIC Gov't Announcement to Amend Section 19A (PDF 465 KB)

18 July 2014: Statement on Flight MH17 (PDF 137 KB)

15 July 2014: Gay Men's Health and PrEP: The new voices of community health (PDF 120 KB)

14 July 2014: PRONTO! Welcomes International Visitors (PDF 123 KB)

14 July 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release): 2014 Victorian State Election Platform (PDF 481 KB)

9 July 2014: VAC / Living Positive Victoria (Joint Release): Repeal 19A (PDF 1 MB)

8 July 2014: Working Together, Stronger Together Mobilisation March (PDF 186 KB)

27 June 2014: Response to 2013 HIV Notifications (PDF 1.8MB)

27 June 2014: State Reform to Drug & Alcohol Services for LGBTI Community (PDF 132 KB)

11 June 2014: Anne Mitchell OA Award (PDF 126 KB)

3 June 2014: VAC Announces Organisation Rebrand (PDF 13 KB)

19 May 2014: Ray Carr Awarded 'Outstanding Individual Achievement' (PDF 33 KB)

16 May 2014: Response to NY Times Articles Regarding PrEP (PDF 34 KB)

8 May 2014: VACGMHC Lex Watson - Activist, Advocate and Hero (PDF 67 KB)

31 March 2014: Wider Access to Antiretroviral treatment (PDF 82 KB)

28 March 2014: VAC/GMHC Rejects Mozilla in Reponse to Appointment of Homophobic CEO (PDF 363 KB)

11 March 2014: HIV treatments work as prevention (PDF 361 KB)


17 December 2012: Now Approved in Australia - Rapid Test for HIV (PDF 92 KB)

15 November 2011: Rachel Berger - World AIDS Day Ambassador 2011 (PDF 94 KB)

20 October 2011: Down an’ Dirty website launch (PDF 73 KB)

5 September 2011: Transgender Film Night: 'Prodigal Sons' (PDF 27 KB)

30 June 2011: HIV Charity launches poster design competition (PDF 72 KB)

29 June 2011: Victorian Department of Health reports drop in new diagnoses of HIV and syphilis in 2010 (PDF 133 KB)

10 June 2011: Queer as Fxxk heads into its fourth season June 15th! (PDF 60 KB)

12 May 2011: Matt Dixon appointed as new Executive Director (PDF 94 KB)

12 April 2011: Military fashion show promises to combat Melbourne (PDF 72 KB)

8 February 2011: VAC/GMHC Executive Director steps down (PDF 72 KB)

3 February 2011: ‘Mooning’ at the Laird shines for Midsumma 2011 (PDF 86 KB) 

13 December 2010: Short & Girly - Get in early! (PDF 70 KB)

5 December 2010: Thanks to World AIDS Day supporters (PDF 59 KB)

30 November 2010: World AIDS Day, December 1 - Get the facts (PDF 40 KB)

23 September 2010: A new reason to surf the net  (PDF 60 KB)

19 October 2010: VAC/GMHC needs support this World AIDS Day  (PDF 60 KB)

12 November 2010: World AIDS Day Memorial Ceremony  (PDF 63 KB)

16 November 2010: Yarra Trams partners with the VAC/GMHC for World AIDS Day  (PDF 90 KB)