Internship & placement

We offer placements in counselling services and the community support program.

Counselling services

We offer places for final year Social Work students to develop their professional skills within an educative and supportive environment. We are looking for students who are:

  • Interested in working with people living with HIV and members of the GLBT community and responsive to their changing needs
  • Proactive in empowering individuals and communities to enhance their own wellbeing
  • Committed to building supportive environments for our clients
  • Wanting to work and actively participate in a creative and enthusiastic team environment.

Experience and supervision

You will get training and experience in:

  • Duty work: handling inquiries from the public, counselling calls and related tasks
  • Assessments: structured clinical interviews with prospective clients to assess their eligibility for the service
  • Allocations: participating in allocation meetings where clients are reviewed by the team and allocated to counsellors or referred elsewhere
  • Training days: attending professional training days offered to staff, volunteer counsellors and students
  • Project work: developing policies, promotional strategies, resources and training.

Supervision is a key part of students' professional development. A qualified staff member offers fortnightly supervision sessions designed to expand the student’s knowledge on HIV issues, the GLBT communities and clinical skills.

Arranging a placement

Course coordinators should contact us to arrange placements for their students. Students can contact us directly by sending a letter of application and CV. We interview applicants and then contact them and their university to advise of our decision.

Counselling service manager
Phone: (03) 9865 6700 or 1800 134 840 (free call for country callers)

Community support program

We offer placements for students of community development or welfare. Students can participate in all aspects of the program, including:

  • team meetings
  • client visits
  • group social activities.

Volunteers currently working in the program are encouraged to apply for placements.

Community support program team leader
Phone: (03) 9863 0426