Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)


Check out our YouTube PrEP Playlist to watch community forums and other videos that are tackling some of the questions surrounding the use of PrEP both here in Australia and overseas.


VAC has launched an online petition to #approvePrEPdownunder on via social media. The immediate response has seen thousands of people show their support for approving PrEP for use in Australia. Have your voice heard and sign the petition!


VAC periodically holds information sessions and community forums related to PrEP.  For all upcoming PrEP-related events, go to VAC's calendar.
VAC's Fact Sheet is a great place to start for an overview on PrEP and some of the main issues being discussed.

PrEP Access Options was released on the Ending HIV website in February 2015. This resource provides details on the current options for obtaining PrEP if you are living in Australia. This resource was released by ACON in partnership with Positive Life NSW and ASHM.
ASHM (Australasian Society for HIV Medicine) has released PrEP Resources for Clinicians to offer further guidelines and information to clinicians/doctors about HIV PrEP.
Where does VAC stand on the use of PrEP? Read our Position Statement here.